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Where is the best place to play basketball?


Basketball players of all ages find themselves asking the time tested question -“where is the best place to hoop?”

Like most questions in life, the answer is it depends– but HoopsUp is here to help you find the best place to play basketball based on what you are looking for.

But before asking where the best courts and places to play basketball, lets ask a few more questions to clarify what you may be looking for.

1.) Do I want to play indoor or outdoor basketball?

2.) Am I hooping by myself or playing basketball with friends?

3.) Do I want to play for free?

4.) Am I willing to buy a guest pass or membership? 

5.) What type of game am I looking for- pickup, open gyms, high-level runs, leagues?

6.) When am I looking to play? Today, tonight, next week, in 4 months?

And many other questions depending on your specific hooping situation at any given time.

Luckily, HoopsUp is here to answer those questions and more through  a searchable database of courts in your city and community powered platform to help you find the best basketball courts, games, and experiences around you in real time.

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