Weekly NBA Playoffs Recap

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While it has been tougher to play basketball recently due to Covid, the Playoffs are in full action as we take a look at Sundays 4 games and what is upcoming tomorrow Monday the 24th.

Dallas 135 Wins vs Los Angeles Clippers 133. Series tied 2-2.

Boston 110 Wins vs Philadelphia 106. Boston wins series sweep.

Toronto 150 Wins vs Brooklyn 122. Toronto wins series sweep.

Utah 129 Wins vs Denver 127. Utah leads 3-1.

Monday August 24

Milwaukee (2) vs Orlando (1)

Houston (2) vs Oklahoma City(1)

Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Portland (1)

Miami(3) vs Indianapolis (1)

Social distance shooting and small group basketball is starting to open back up both for playing indoor and and outdoor courts. See the HoopsUp.com courts page for basketball court photos and information on where to play basketball today.

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