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Jun 30
3 Indianapolis Gym Memberships with Indoor Basketball Courts

A gym membership is one of the best ways to have access to an indoor basketball court. In addition to being able to workout and play basketball, memberships often come with multiple locations. Here are 3 of the best gym memberships with multiple locations in Indianapolis.   1. YMCA The YMCA is one of the […]

Jun 27
5 of the Best Indoor Courts in Indianapolis

5 of Indianapolis’ Best Indoor Courts There is nothing like a good indoor basketball court. Here are 5 of the best in Indianapolis in no particular order.    The Factory D1 The Factory D1 is one of the premiere basketball facilities not only in Indianapolis, but in the entire country. Founded by the Teague family, […]

Feb 11
Where is the best place to play basketball?

Basketball players of all ages find themselves asking the time tested question -“where is the best place to hoop?” Like most questions in life, the answer is it depends– but HoopsUp is here to help you find the best place to play basketball based on what you are looking for. But before asking where the […]

Aug 25
Kobe’s Commitment to Continual Recovery on the Basketball Court

Yesterday, August 24th was known around the basketball world as Kobe Bryant Day, a day to remember the legacy of one of most impactful athletes of the past century. Among many, one thing about Kobe was his commitment to taking care of his body by any means necessary. A recent story by ESPN highlights this […]

Aug 24
How much does it cost to rent an indoor basketball court?

There are several reasons you could be looking to rent an indoor basketball court. Whether you are a travel basketball team coach, intramural basketball league or simply group of friends looking to play basketball, there are many groups who may be looking to rent indoor basketball court space and time. So how much does it […]

Jun 18
Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Courts Indianapolis

          Top 10 OutDoor Indianapolis basketball courts    Indianapolis, one of the basketball capitols of the world , is home to dozens of outdoor courts, many of which are managed by Indy Parks . This begs the question, which are the best courts in the city?  After some research, here is […]