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Top 10 OutDoor Indianapolis basketball courts 


Indianapolis, one of the basketball capitols of the world , is home to dozens of outdoor courts, many of which are managed by Indy Parks .

This begs the question, which are the best courts in the city?  After some research, here is our take on the best 10 outdoor courts in Indianapolis


1,)Tarkington Park

Home to the recent Summer ’19 3 on 3 City League Tournament, Tarkington Park boasts a central near downtown location and brand new courts, sponsored by Purdue, IPL, and the Fever. These courts take the #1 spot for outdoor spots to hoop.


2. Washington Park

Washington Park’s numerous courts put them in the @ 2 spot. You can find over 8 courts, and plenty opportunities to play pickup.


3. Fall Creek 

The double court at Fall Creek’s are some of the most solid in the city, The location right in the middle of the city out Fall Creek is #3.


 4. Brookside Park

Brookside Park is home to 2 separate outdoor courts, and both are surrounded by scenic nature. Brookside offers some of the best courts in the city.


5 Thatcher Park

Coming in @ #5 is Thatcher Park. Although only a single court, this Tamika Catchings court is a great court to run either full or half court.

6. Riverside Park

the 6th ranked outdoor court is Riverside. Riverside has 2 full courts, and is surrounded by the dynamic Riverwood Park.


7. JTV Hill Park

Another near downtown location, these courts are great for running 5 on 5 or just putting some shots up.


8. MLK Courts

The MLK Courts off 22nd and College are a great spot to hoop in the city. These courts use a special material to help reduce the impact on the kneed. In addition, this court is named in honor of the legendary Nancy Leberman.


9, James Foster Gaines Court

Located on 46th on the East Side, these popular community courts are great for competitive pickup games.


 10. Olin Park

Although only a single court, Olin Park’s court is a hidden gym. Surrounded by grass and trees, this court has a showcase feel that is great for running 5’s or just putting up some jumpers.


Honorable Mention

– Willard Park

-Arsenal Park


-Garfield Park




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