Frequently Asked Questions

A website to help you play more basketball in a few ways.

  1. Largest and most detailed court directory. Search my location, neighborhood, court types, and much more.
  2. A list of pickup games and open gyms going on around the city, with the ability to RSVP .
  3. A way to create pickup games
  4. A one-stop shop for all hoops related things in Indiana to get you playing more basketball. 

Click the Register button and sign up 1 of 3 ways

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Have to be 16 or older

Real time and weekly. As soon as someone submits a game, it will be visible on the calendar. In regards to open gyms and other games, our team updates the calendar manually on a weekly basis

These are all great apps , but upon using these apps, we found they were not locally focused and relied on user generated games that often did’t pan out. With HoopsUp, we are focusing entirely on the Indianapolis area and tailoring the features of the app to be as relevant to the those in Indianapolis. That means detailed court listings that aren’t just pulled in from Google Maps, it means a hand curated pick up schedule of games around the city, and it means authentic connections with the Indianapolis basketball community . 

Yes and No. Pretty much every feature you see on the website from viewing courts and games is free . Even other features like RSVPing for games, creating open pickup games, and saving your favorite courts are free. However, there are 2 key non free options to be aware of


  1.  Open gym pick up games at facilities with open gyms. For example, we may post open gym times for places like the YMCA or LA Fitness, but you are still responsible to either be a member or buy a guest pass. 
  2. HoopsUp hosted games . Coming soon, we will be partnering with local schools, churches, and community centers to host pickup games you can sign up for only on HoopsUp . These games will range in price from 7-15 depending on the gym, time of day, and duration of session.


Unless it is a HoopsUp sponsored game, using the app gives no special reservation privileges.

HoopsUp is a coordination tool, not official RSVP. Most of the courts on the platform are either privately owned or run by the city. HoopsUp RSVP cannot be used to kick people off courts or grant special rights to a court . Please abide by all facility rules.